What is an Electrician – Becoming an Electrician in the Electrical Trade

Have you ever wondered what exactly an electrician does and how to become one? An electrician is trained to run wiring for building structures, troubleshoot electrical issues in current wiring systems, and ensure everything is safely installed. The jobs electricians handle can be small or large: Maybe just an outlet that needs replaced to perhaps a complicated rewire of an old home.

What does it take to work as an electrician?

Working as an electrician requires that you enjoy troubleshooting problems, learning from books as well as hands-on, and patience when working with small components. Not everyone can do this kind of work (so don’t just start wiring your home). Because of the dangers involved when dealing with electricity, only licensed professionals should do this work.

How do I get started as an electrician?

To get started as an electrician, we recommend you gain some experience by working for a local electrical company. Down the road, if you enjoy the trade, there are varying degrees of licensing you can obtain to further your career and improve your pay scale.

Can I make a good living as an electrician?

The answer is yes. Like anything, it will require that you work hard and give a 100% to the career you decide upon. And the more schooling and experience you put under your belt the higher your pay scale will be.

The average wage in Indiana for an electrician is $28.29 an hour. The low end of that scale is $15.47 an hour and the high end is $44.56 an hour. This is according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics data for 2017.

What If I Just Want to Hire An Electrician?

Since electricity has become a necessary part of everyone’s life, the odds that you have several local electricians is very high. Here are some great options to find an electrician for your needs:

  • Ask a friend or neighbor if they have an electrician they would recommend
  • Ask a local hardware if they have a few local electrical companies to recommend
  • Look through a phone book
  • Google search electricians in your area

Sometimes companies offer multiple different services for there customers. For example, T & H Keith Inc., can do electrical work or construction work! Many times you’ll find electrical companies joined with a plumbing business or construction business.

Top Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Electrician

Before your hire an electrician, you need to ask them a few questions to make sure you’re getting a reputable company. Believe us, we’ve had to fix electrical work done by “electrical companies” so just because they have a business card doesn’t mean they’re the best!

  1. What is your hourly rate? Make sure it is comparable with other electricians. If it is considerably less than other companies DO NOT USE THEM. That is a major red flag.
  2. When can I get on your schedule? Good electricians should be busy. If it isn’t an emergency, expect to wait at least one week.
  3. Are you licensed? We are licensed in Monroe County and the City of Indianapolis. Owen County (the county where our office is located) doesn’t require an electrical license to perform work. This means anyone in our county can practice electrical work without a license. So, even if your county doesn’t require a license, ask if they are licensed in at least one other county or city.
  4. Are you insured and bonded? The answer should definitely be yes.
  5. Can I have a few references? Ask them for at least 3 customer names and phone numbers that you can call. Make sure they don’t have the same last name as the the owner of the company!

Why It Is Important To Get Electrical Issues Taken Care Of Immediately and Professionally

The reason it is very important to get any kind of an electrical issue taken care of immediately is:

  • It could be an that if something is wired wrong it could cause a fire or serious injury
  • It could be that if the electrician can properly identify the issue, you’ll have to call them out repeatedly for the same thing
  • It could be that your house is in need of new wiring which can be dangerous for you and your family

If you think you have a problem like this, then I suggest to get someone to come and fix your electrical issue. To foot the bill for an electrical repair might seem expensive but it could end up costing even more if you wait and the problem gets bigger.

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