How to Sign Up for House Cleaning by Amazon

In need of a house clean? Amazon has you covered! From dusting, to sweeping, to bathrooms – you can get it all taken care of with just a click of the button!

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How to Book Your First Appointment

  1. First follow this link to be taken to Amazon’s cleaning service page:
  2. Select how many bedrooms and bathrooms are in your home
  3. Select the type of cleaning products you prefer
  4. Make sure the amount of time Amazon recommends sounds right (if only one person shows up)
  5. Click on the “Book an Appointment” button
  6. Confirm where and when you’d like the cleaning to take place
  7. Continue on through the purchase
  8. Once completed, a local cleaning pro will email you to confirm the details
  9. Sit back and enjoy!

What is Included in the Cleaning?

The cleaning usually includes the following services:

  • Dusting all rooms in house
  • Sweeping and mopping all rooms
  • Cleaning the kitchen counters, stove, and floor
  • Cleaning the bathroom vanity, tub, and toilet
  • Cleaning supplies needed to get the job done
  • Moving trash from your cans to your trash bins

What is Not Included?

Here some typical items not included in the appointment (you can discuss with cleaning professional if you need these done):

  • Washing windows
  • Washing the walls
  • Cleaning the inside of your oven
  • Cleaning ceilings
  • Cleaning hazardous materials

Frequently Asked Questions

Who exactly is going to be coming to my house? Amazon uses local pros who have passed quality tests, background checks, and carry the necessary insurance and license.

Will Amazon take care of me if it’s a bad experience? Amazon will make sure you are satisfied after the job is complete. This means making things right or refunding you your money.

How much does it cost? After entering your details, Amazon will give you an estimate of the total cost.

Can I give my cleaning person a list of priorities? Yes. You can ask them to focus on certain cleaning aspects first.

When am I charged? After the service has been performed.

How far out can I schedule appointments? 90 days.

What if the service isn’t offered in my area? You can select to have Amazon notify you when the service becomes available.

Where Do I Go to Get Started?

If you’re ready to schedule your first appointment, just click here! You’ll be redirected to their sign-up page.

Final Comments

Let us know if you’ve had experience using the Amazon cleaning service! We want to know your comments and thoughts!


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