Employment Opportunities

We’re glad to hear you are interested in joining our company!

The first step in getting this process started is to fill out our online application. To do this, simply go to www.thkeith.com/employment-application. Please fill out this application as best as you can and once we receive your application we will review it and will work on setting up the first interview.

As you wait to hear from us, we’d encourage you to visit our two websites to learn more about our company: www.keithconstruction2001.com and www.thelectric2001.com.

Why Work With Us?

  • We believe that the personnel in our company is our greatest asset. We take pride in helping all of our team members achieve advance their career and achieve the personal goals as they work with us.
  • We don’t just encourage our employees to grow in their skills – we take an active approach in helping them accomplish this! We provide training courses, studying material, and 101 training with field experts.
  • Our team members always have opportunities to advance in their positions. We want all our personnel to feel like they can make their time at this company a long-term employment option!
  • We encourage an atmosphere of professionalism on and off the job site. We monitor the language, attitude, appearance, and behavioral issues of each and every personnel to keep the culture of the company clean and make it an enjoyable place to work.