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T&H Keith Inc. Is Hiring!

We are currently looking for qualified individuals to add to our full time construction team! We are looking for someone who has experience in the remodeling industry and wants to make a lasting career out of the trade. The individual will need to show a history of working in construction but still exude a willingness to learn new things.

Job Duties Overview

For the first few months, this team member will work directly with our current foremen on remodeling projects. During this period, the new team member will be able to show his skill and experience.

After the introductory period the team member will take on the responsibilities of heading up remodeling projects. These projects will include bathroom remodels, kitchen remodels, room additions, decks, replacing windows and doors, flooring installations, drywall repairs, and other miscellaneous interior and exterior home repair projects.

The new team member will work alone at times and at other times will be responsible for multiple construction laborers under him/her. They will be expected to take ownership of their jobs, keep track of hours, job receipts, and follow the written procedures of T&H Keith Inc. They will be expected to communicate with the customer at times and maintain constant communication with the office personnel.

Compensation and Benefits

T&H Keith Inc. will compensate the new team member based on his/her skill and experience level. This may result in an introductory pay rate that will improve once the individual has proven their experience.  Here is what the team member can expect as compensation:

  • Starting hourly rate: $17 to $20 an hour
  • Opportunity to eventually earn $25 -$28 an hour
  • Team member will provide their own truck/vehicle but will be reimbursed for work related miles
  • Team member will provide basic hand tools but T&H Keith Inc will provide larger tools and power tools
  • T&H Keith Inc. does not currently provide health care benefits
  • 5 days paid vacation after 1 year with an additional day added for each additional year (10 day cap)
  • Major holidays are paid time off
  • Projected to have 40 hours a week, Monday through Friday (would only work on weekend if emergency)
  • Flexible time off if sufficient notice is given
  • Small company atmosphere


Here are the qualifications we would like our new team member to have:

  • At least 10 years of construction experience
  • Good track record with previous employers (or customers)
  • Wanting to make a permanent career out of construction
  • High school diploma (or GED)
  • Able to work well with others and receive input on workmanship
  • Able to communicate with customers
  • College classes relating to the trade a plus
  • Previous experience in management a plus
  • OSHA certificate a plus

How to Apply

Ready to apply? Fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch!

If you know of someone who would love to work with us, send them a link to this webpage!

    This company is an equal employment opportunity employer. We assure you that your opportunity for
    employment with T&H Keith Incorporated depends solely on your qualifications. Applicants may be
    tested for illegal drugs.

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    Terms and Conditions:

    In exchange for the consideration of my job application by T&H Keith Incorporated (hereinafter called the Company), I agree that:

    Neither the acceptance of this application nor the subsequent entry into any type of employment relationship, either in the position applied for or any other position, and regardless of the contents of employee handbooks, personnel manuals, benefit plans, policy statements, and the like as they may exist from time to time, or other Company practices, shall serve to create an actual or implied contract of employment, or to confer any right to remain an employee of T&H Keith Incorporated, or otherwise to change in any respect the employment-at-will relationship between it and the undersigned, and that relationship cannot be altered except by a written instrument signed by the President of the Company. Both the undersigned and T&H Keith Incorporated may end the employment relationship at any time, without specified notice or reason. If employed, I understand that the Company may unilaterally change or revise their benefits, policies and procedures and such changes may include reduction in benefits.

    I authorize investigation of all statements contained in this application. I understand that the misrepresentation or omission of facts called for is cause for dismissal at any time without any previous notice. I hereby give the Company permission to contact schools, previous employers (unless otherwise indicated), references, and others, and hereby release the Company from any liability as a result of such contact.

    I also understand that (1) the Company has a drug and alcohol policy that provides for preemployment testing as well as testing after employment; (2) consent to and compliance with such policy is a condition of my employment; and (3) continued employment is based on the successful passing of testing under such policy. I further understand that continued employment may be based on the successful passing of testing under such policy. I further understand that continued employment may be based on the successful passing of job related physical examinations.

    I understand that, in connection with routine processing of your employment application, the Company may request from a consumer reporting agency an investigation consumer report including information as to my credit records, character, general reputation, personal characteristics, and mode of living. Upon written request, the Company will provide me with additional information concerning the nature and scope of any such report requested by it, as required by the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

    I further understand that my employment with the Company shall be probationary for a period of Ninety (90) days, and further that at any time during the probationary period or thereafter, my employment relation with the Company is terminable at will for any reason by either party.

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    Trent Keith

    Trent Keith is the founder of T&H Keith Inc. which is the parent company of Keith Construction and T&H Electric. He and his wife, Hannah, reside in Freedom, Indiana.

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